Is Sheheryar Munawar single again?

Is Sheheryar Munawar single again?

Sheheryar Munawar got engaged to Hala Somroo earlier this year. Photo: Instagram.

Pakistani actor Sheheryar Munawar is back on the market it seems.

Munawar who got engaged earlier this year to Hala Somroo hinted that he is single.

In a recent web interview, the Parey Hut Love star in response to a question said the most daring thing that he has ever done was telling his mother that he wants to choose the girl that he wishes to marry.

“The most daring thing that I’ve done is telling my mother that once I tried on your call, and you yourself ended it but this time, I’ll choose the girl I want to get married to”, Munawar said.

Without giving any details, the Ho Mann Jahaan star added, “Smart people will be able to take the cue.”

The actor has recently been actively been promoting his latest movie Parey Hut Love with co-star Maya Ali. 

The social media was quick to guess who could that girl be. Munawwar’s co-star recently made headlines when the couple appeared jointly at a fashion show.

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