A blueprint of what was supposed to be the iconic AK-47 assault rifle, engraved in the monument to its inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov, appeared to feature a German firearm. The monument commissioners agreed to fix the error following public uproar. Read

Seven bronze busts depicting top Soviet leaders have been added to the Boulevard of Rulers memorial in Moscow that already hosts the portraits of Russian tsars, emperors and empresses as well as legendary founders of the Russian state. Read Full

Communist party activists have launched a rally “against the imperialist policies of the USA and in support of the people of North Korea” in Russia’s third-largest city of Novosibirsk. Read Full Article at

The head of Russia’s Federation of Jewish Communities has told reporters that over the past years manifestations of anti-Semitism in the country have been at a minimal level and boiled down to day-to-day cases. Read Full Article at

The government has approved a state program aiming to resettle about 2,000 foreign citizens of Russian extraction in two regions of central Russia. The program accords priority to educated professionals as well as large families. Read Full Article at

Russian Communist Party MPs have drafted a bill according to which part of the tax levied on the extraction of natural resources should be distributed between working citizens and pensioners, as with recent basic income experiments in other nations. Read

A lawmaker from the leftist opposition party Fair Russia has proposed developing Siberian land by building rehab clinics where addicts could receive treatment through work, hunting and fishing amid the natural isolation from the outside world. Read Full Article at

Presidential candidate Andrey Semyonov has secured the backing of almost a fifth of respondents in a recent poll – despite the fact he was invented by pollsters who wanted to check the extent of people’s trust in Vladimir Putin. Read

A court in Moscow has ordered Aleksey Navalny to delete all allegations that a mansion and a land plot presented by billionaire Alisher Usmanov to a state charity foundation were “a disguised bribe” aimed at winning favors from Prime Minister

Russian opposition party Yabloko has launched a legislative initiative seeking to limit military operations abroad to a maximum of one year, with extensions requiring authorization from the Upper House. Read Full Article at