The Russian lower house has passed a bill that introduces criminal responsibility for driving children towards suicide or dragging them into dangerous games, including through so-called ‘suicide groups’ on the internet. Read Full Article at

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law additional controls for people who have served sentences for especially serious crimes, including terrorism. Read Full Article at

Prosecutors in the Chechen Republic have asked a Grozny court to block access to online material deemed insulting to religion, such as provocative cartoons often featured in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Read Full Article at

Russians see the United States and Ukraine as the most hostile nations towards them, a recent poll has shown. China, Belarus and Kazakhstan were named as the friendliest countries in the same survey. Read Full Article at

A senior Russian senator has said he expects the United States and its NATO allies to attempt to influence the 2018 presidential campaign in Russia, adding that Russian authorities will take preventative measures. Read Full Article at

Russian President Vladimir Putin has supported an initiative to introduce an oath for people naturalized as Russian citizens, as well as a proposal to strip citizenship from those convicted of terrorism after claiming citizenship. Read Full Article at

Russian MPs have passed a bill ordering a unified list of all ex-officials who lost their posts because of corruption scandals. Read Full Article at

Two Russian ruling party lawmakers have drafted a bill introducing criminal responsibility for the type of election fraud known as ‘carousel voting.’ Read Full Article at

The head of the State Duma Security Committee has urged a change in Russian gun laws and the introduction of a lifelong ban for carrying a gun under the influence, in order to prevent incidents similar to the recent fatal

State Duma deputies have opposed the proposal to ban minors from participating in unauthorized protest rallies, made by some senators after yet another series of unlicensed protests that took place during the Day of Russia holiday on Monday. Read Full