Russia’s federal agency for investigating high-profile crimes has opened a criminal case into the recent shelling of Donetsk residential areas by the Ukrainian military, resulting in casualties among civilians. Read Full Article at

The Russian Defense Ministry has declassified documents on the war in Poland in 1944-45, which describe Nazi atrocities and the positive attitude of the Polish people toward their liberators. Read Full Article at

Russia’s largest parliamentary caucus has drafted a motion increasing the maximum term for pushing someone to suicide to 15 years if the victim is underage or if the crime is committed via the internet. Read Full Article at

The Russian lower house has given final approval to a bill allowing naturalized Russians to be stripped of their citizenship if convicted of terrorism-related crimes. The bill also simplifies the naturalization procedure for Ukrainian citizens. Read Full Article at

Over 60 percent of Russians think it is reasonable to install monuments and memorial plaques glorifying the achievements of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. The share of those who oppose the idea is half that number. Read Full Article at

Russian President Vladimir Putin has paid a visit to the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alekseyeva, to congratulate the activist on her 90th birthday and thank her for her service to the nation. Read Full Article at

The Russian lower house has given a final nod to bills obliging companies that own internet messengers to verify the identity of every user and banning various services that allow users to visit prohibited internet sites. Read Full Article at

MPs from three opposition caucuses in the Russian lower house have launched a joint appeal seeking to change new laws that restrict meetings between parliamentarians and voters to designated places or require sanction from the municipal authorities. Read Full Article

Russian senators have passed an address to the president asking him to introduce restrictive measures against Poland in response to a recently approved bill ordering the destruction of monuments to Soviet soldiers in the country. Read Full Article at

Russia’s human rights ombudsman says excluding women from universal military conscription is a violation, and has promised to address the issue in the near future. Read Full Article at