BERLIN (Daily Sun News) – An open-air installation is to open along an old section of the Berlin Wall at the weekend, featuring photos of soldiers patrolling the former deadly border, and stories of those persecuted behind it. “Beyond the

BRUSSELS (Daily Sun News) – A baby bonobo ape has been cradled in her mother’s arms since her birth in Belgium last week, offering zoo visitors only a brief glimpse of her face at feeding times. Fiercely guarded by mother

EDINBURGH (Daily Sun News) – Police on the Isle of Skye have warned tourists to respect the area and ensure they have a prior booking for an overnight visit after the Scottish island known for its natural beauty became overwhelmed

SARAJEVO (Daily Sun News) – Bosnia’s religious leaders say politicians are standing in the way of peaceful coexistence between Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities trying to forgive and forget after the atrocities of a devastating 1990s war. Hundreds of churches,

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Daily Sun News) – Thousands of Pokemon Go players gathered in the Japanese port city of Yokohama to try their hand at catching rare virtual creatures while watching dance shows featuring people dressed as giant Pikachus. Pokemon Go

HAVANA (Daily Sun News) – The graffiti of alien-like beings and balaclava-clad men appearing on Havana’s dilapidated walls strikes a contrast with the upbeat political slogans and effigies of Cuban…

GAZA (Daily Sun News) – For decades, Palestinians have dreamed of having their own port on the Mediterranean, from where they could sail the world. Instead, they are making do with a wooden ship run aground on a Gaza beach,

COPENHAGEN (Daily Sun News) – Prince Henrik of Denmark announced on Thursday he does not wish to be buried next to his wife, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, saying he is unhappy he was never acknowledged as her equal. Henrik, 83,

JAKARTA (Daily Sun News) – Indonesia has deployed armed police and soldiers to help villagers on the island of Java fight back against marauding monkeys that have been terrorizing their area, stealing food and even attacking vulnerable elderly residents and

NIMRUD, Iraq (Daily Sun News) – Agatha Christie lived here once, but only memories remain of the time the best-selling crime writer spent among the ruins of the ancient Iraqi city of Nimrud. The mud-brick house where the British author