SYDNEY: The parliament of Australia’s second largest state passed legislation on Friday to allow terminally ill patients to seek medical help to end their lives, a bill that is expected to act as a catalyst for the rest of the

People with diabetes may not always feel classic symptoms like acute chest pain when they have a heart attack, according to a small study that offers a potential explanation for why these episodes are more deadly for diabetics. Researchers examined

GENEVA: The death toll from a plague outbreak in Madagascar has risen to 94, with the number of suspected cases jumping to more than 1,100, the World Health Organization said Friday. Officials on the poor Indian Ocean island nation had

Pollution is killing millions of people worldwide, mostly through the diseases it causes including heart conditions, strokes and lung cancer, according to a large international study. Almost all pollution-related deaths – around 92 percent – are in poor or middle-income

GENEVA: Nearly 340,000 Rohingya children are living in squalid conditions in Bangladesh camps where they lack enough food, clean water and health care, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Friday. Up to 12,000 more children join them every

KAMPALA: Two people have died from the Marburg virus in eastern Uganda, in the country´s first outbreak of the deadly Ebola-like pathogen in three years, the health ministry said Thursday. “Blood samples were taken from two people who have since

Known as a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy, Yescarta modifies a patient´s white blood cells so they can attack and kill lymphoma. Photo: AFP file WASHINGTON: US regulators have approved a second form of gene therapy to fight

NEW DELHI: Despite a dramatic fall in the infant mortality rate, 15,000 children aged under five still die each day around the world from preventable diseases, a UN report said Thursday. The report warned that because some African and South

MIAMI: Researchers have uncovered widespread evidence of a link between traditional Chinese herbal remedies and liver cancer across Asia, a study said Wednesday. The findings suggest stronger measures are needed to prevent people from consuming chemicals called aristolochic acids (AA),

MIAMI: Researchers in Germany have documented a steep decline in flying insects at dozens of nature reserves in the past three decades, and agricultural pesticides may be to blame, said a study Wednesday. While it is well documented that butterflies